New assembly line for front PTO

Zuidberg in Ens has taken an innovative assembly line for the front PTO into use. It combines an increased production capacity with an even higher quality level.

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World leader through a culture of continuous improvement

Machines are easy to replace, but people aren't. Our employees make up the company. We need our people to implement the strategy.

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Agriculture 2030: automated tractors on tracks

Meet the John Deere Joker: an autonomous, electric, single axle tractor concept.

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Purchasing organisation:

  • The Purchasing Department forms part of Zuidberg Group of Companies, of which the Quality, Logistics, Sales, HR and Finance departments are also part. By means of the contact persons link you can view the employees in the department responsible for the different purchasing processes.
    In the purchasing processes, a distinction is made between Operational Purchasing (ordering, monitoring, aftercare), Tactical Purchasing (specifying, selecting, contracting) and Strategic Purchasing (strategy, policy, objectives).


  • We strive for a long-term relationship with our suppliers, and mutual respect plays an important role here. We cooperate closely with suppliers who, like Zuidberg, are customer oriented, innovative and competitive. We expect our suppliers to add value to the chain, so that together we can ensure that our customers receive the highest quality at the right price and at the time set by the customer.
  • Suppliers think along the same lines as Zuidberg and come up with suggestions for improvement every year for reducing costs and strengthening our competitive position.
  • We prefer suppliers to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
  • We pursue sustainable business. We assume responsibility for the effects of our operating activities on people, the environment and business operations (People, Planet, Profit), and we expect our suppliers to do likewise.
  • We take action to prevent pollution and to minimize the use of natural resources. We comply with all applicable environmental and other legislation regarding (among others) pollution and hazardous material, and we expect our suppliers to do likewise.
  • We value people and we expect our Suppliers to do so as well. Our suppliers are committed to employee freedom, the non-use of child labour, to no discrimination at all, to safe and clean working conditions and to fair reward and treatment of their employees and relations.
  • Zuidberg has a zero tolerance regarding bribery and corruption.


  • Zuidberg Group of Companies General Terms and Conditions of Purchase are applicable to all requests, quotations and orders for the supply of goods and services. Suppliers' general or purchase conditions are explicitly excluded. Our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase are available upon request.


  • All information supplied by Zuidberg shall be treated as confidential and may be disclosed to third parties only with Zuidberg's explicit permission in writing.

Are you interested in further information?

  • You can indicate your interest by sending a company presentation to purchase@zuidberg.nl along with an explanation of your capabilities.