New assembly line for front PTO

Zuidberg in Ens has taken an innovative assembly line for the front PTO into use. It combines an increased production capacity with an even higher quality level.

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World leader through a culture of continuous improvement

Machines are easy to replace, but people aren't. Our employees make up the company. We need our people to implement the strategy.

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Agriculture 2030: automated tractors on tracks

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World leader through a culture of continuous improvement

15 June 2021  |  Reading time: 8 minutes

Our corporate philosophy is that investing in employees is at least as profitable as investing in machines. It is the real key to our company to realise success and continuity. Machines are easy to replace, but people aren't. Our employees make up the company. We need our people to implement the strategy.

Culture of continuous improvement

We want our employees to continuously develop and always be learning. We invest in our people with training courses and we help discover talent. Especially in a technical organization like Zuidberg, with all its knowledge and expertise, it is important that we put employees in the right place and give them enough room to grow, enjoy their work and see a future.

We facilitate that everyone can think along in the processes. How is something delivered and how do you deliver it to the next department? Does that work well? You are part of the improvement team. Everyone can think along and indicate why certain things are going well or not.

We strive for 100% reliability in our agreements, production methods and deliveries. The strictest quality and the highest user requirements are our standard. We can only guarantee this by continuing to invest in people and technology, sustainability and efficiency. Zuidberg's continuity is anchored in the quality of our people, innovations and production processes. We have invested in the processes and automation surrounding them in order to be less dependent on the craftsmanship of the employee. You are hired to continuously improve. We want to match employees their expertise to their strengths, so that they spend the time doing the things that he or she is good at.

Zuidberg automatically processes data that in the past was sent and processed manually. We give that data back to our customers, which can be done with a QR code. Ordering can be done in our own web store, 'Article selector', which is known to our dealers and importers. We do this in a transparent and progressive way. Stocks, delivery times, drawings and assembly instructions are available digitally. We want to lead the way in this. Building on this, we are developing systems that can measure usage data and provide feedback to the (tractor) manufacturer. The aim is to gain insight into how the systems are actually used.

The Zuidberg business park in Ens, Flevoland.

Innovation Cluster Noordoostpolder

At Zuidberg we are always looking for ways to improve. That is why we have joined the Innovation Cluster Noordoostpolder. Together with the other parties involved, we gain knowledge about Smart Industry developments. Where possible and relevant, we incorporate this into our working methods. We do this through four program lines: interest, development, regional branding and innovation.

Our innovations are carried throughout the production line. Take, for example, the design of a new mold for welding. By designing in a team, with input from all the expertises around production, you arrive at a design that everyone agrees is the best solution. It's a shared ownership.

Usage data

Data is only becoming more important in the production process, quality assurance and innovation. Zuidberg is developing electronics that collect usage data via bluetooth. Control systems such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) help Zuidberg to achieve a higher level of quality. Every transmission that is built is subsequently given a unique number that is linked to the RFID data. Particularly from the manufacturers' side, increasing demands are being made on data management and data availability. Zuidberg products are given a unique code. The entire process, from the collection of parts and assembly on the production line to testing, is recorded in data. If the unique code is immediately linked to the chassis number of the vehicle, we have come full circle and have a wealth of valuable data that we can share with the customer and use for further innovation.

Culture of improvement

In order to maintain yourself as a Dutch manufacturing company, there are two choices: cheap labor or smart. Cheap labor is not an option, so that leaves only one. Zuidberg's aim is to do more with the same number of people. Internally, we work with advanced machinery. Working more efficiently is a necessity. The market expects us to take new steps every year and to keep improving. One of the tools for this is the Lean program. It is an important tool to avoid as many superfluous actions as possible and to put people in the right place. We strive for an improvement culture and want our people to have an attitude where they feel they can contribute to our continuous improvement process every time.

Over 100 employeed are Lean-trained.

Market leader in front linkage systems

Zuidberg is a modern and healthy family business with almost 40 years of history. Zuidberg consists of four modern high-tech production companies, each with its own specialism. The engineering, production, sales and services departement are housed at one location. The team of 390 employees develops and produces innovative, 'custom-made' transmission and front linkage systems for end users in more than 42 countries. With more than 1,000 different models, Zuidberg has a suitable front linkage system for virtually every tractor.

Plan a visit and see for yourself

With five factory halls, four established product lines and a high-tech machine park, Zuidberg can offer what you are looking for. Get into contact with our account managers and plan a visit.

The Zuidberg Front linkage.

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Gerben Klungel - Export manager/ Marketing Manager

With years of experience in international B2B sales, Gerben has extensive knowledge of the market and product and service developments. He is responsible for relationships with Aftermarket importers all over the world and provides and guides the marketing strategy of the Zuidberg companies.

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